Published July 11 2022

Artemis – Marine EV

Artemis stands at the forefront of the e-foiling revolution, producing powertrains and foiling technology leading in the marine market targeted at a wide range of applications including Workboats, Passenger Ferries, Crew Transfer Vessels and leisure craft.

To facilitate this revolution in marine powertrain design, Artemis looked to Hewland to deliver a bespoke transmission solution to deliver the required performance in a challenging environment.

Whilst being under tight packaging constraints the task was to deliver a high-speed epicyclic reducer solution which reduced the 20,000rpm high-performance e-machine to deliver the required performance at the propellor. This required Hewland to generate a unique transmission solution constrained in a tightly packaged nacelle with the e-motor to provide the performance to enable the vessel to foil. Utilising Hewland’s meshless CFD oil simulation capabilities the transmission delivers the required performance in the tight package space using an innovative targeted oiling system through splash cooling the planetary gears, which at such high speeds presents significant technical prowess.