Published July 11 2022

Singer – Performance Automotive ICE

Singer represents the pinnacle of tailored classic Porsche restorations and is considered the premier car restoration company. With over 120 restorations and new builds a year and is exponentially growing. 

Singer tasked Hewland not only recreate the classic G50 transmission it also asked to produce a lighter, higher performance package. Hewland leveraging its ability to optimise and lightweight transmissions, using its know-how from its many year’s involvement in performance powertrain design. It perfected this classic transmission design using the latest in CAE, design, and development tools along with modern automotive manufacturing standards to bring this recreation to life. With the added requirement of being able to sustain more performance in its lighter package. 

In line with Singer’s ethos of restoring and reimagining , Hewland developed a G50 derived transmission as a 6-speed variant, optimised initially for the Singer DLS study vehicle producing a new ground up design to support this exceptional vehicle. 

The HSP transmission uses the latest innovations in lightweight transmission design with an overall weight reduction from the standard G50 of 15kg. Whilst this impressive weight reduction stands alone as an engineering challenge, Hewland also uprated the transmissions capabilities to withstand the required performance increase from the DLS vehicle. 

The net result is a transmission that is 40% lighter and can withstand 40% more power than is original cousin.