Published May 22 2024

GEVD-200 – EV Reducer with Differential

GEVD-200 - EV Reducer with Differential

The GEVD-200 is a is highly versatile, single-input differential EV transmission designed to be flexible to meet the growing demands of high performance EV applications configured in 3 variants.

Optimised for packaging, weight and efficiency and drawing on vast EV experience particularly from Formula E and other high performance electric applications, this transmission represents an extremely cost effective complete EV solution.

The flexible motor coupling mounting design allows for a host of high performance electric motors to be mounted to this transmission as standard which includes the Borgwarner HVH 250, AVID AF130, YASA P400 and Helix motors to name a few.

The range of GEV transmissions also include a single motor reducer and a single or dual reducer with integrated differential.

The product offers a range of ratios from 3:1 to 9:1, using precision ground helical gears designed for optimal NVH and efficiency.


  • Highly versatile EV transmission
  • Flexible mountings for variety of high torque electric motors
  • Reduced NVH with helical gears
  • Designed for high performance duty cycles
  • High input torque
  • 3 configurations to suit varying packaging requirements


Normal Application: EV
Case Material: Aluminium
Mounting Layout: 360° orientation 
Max. Input Torque: 500 Nm / 368 lb.ft 
Reduction Architecture: Single Stage 
Weight: 32Kg 
Lubrication: Splash with optional oil pump and cooling ports


The GEVD can be specified with any ratio between 3:1 and 9:1 to suit all applications. A range of standard ratios is offered for the GEVD, which are shown below. Bespoke ratios can be purchased and manufactured to suit a specific application. Please enquire through the form below for more information.