Published July 11 2023

PEVD-200 – Single Input Transmission

PEVD-200 - Single Input Transmission

The PEVD is a single input transmission with a high-spec differential, optimised for weight and performance. With a starting weight of just 18Kg, the reducer is able to transmit up to 450Nm of torque and up to 20,000rpm. 

This powertrain offers customers an extremely lightweight, yet high performance package, which can be modified to work with a host of high performance electric motors including Integral Powertrain, YASA and Borgwarner.


  • Extremely lightweight package
  • High-Torque Capacity relative to overall weight
  • Packaged for optimal powertrain placement
  • Mountable in any orientation


Normal Application: EV, Motorsport, Rally
Motor Compatibility: Motor Agnostic
Gear Type: Spur (Straight Cut)
Case Material: Aluminium/Magnesium
Mounting Layout: 360° orientation 
Max. Input Torque (per side): 450 Nm / 332 lb.ft 
Reduction Architecture: Single Stage 
Weight: 21Kg (Aluminium), 18Kg (Magnesium)
Lubrication: Splash with optional oil pump and cooling ports
Differential: Externally adjustable positive preload plate type differential