Published July 11 2023

PEVT-200 – Dual motor torque vectoring transmission

PEVT-200 - Dual motor torque vectoring transmission

High performance EV applications require efficient, high speed high torque transmissions. Hewland have a range of standard EV reducers, which provide road and track EV customers with the flexibility to integrate their preferred electric motors with ease.

The PEVT is a dual motor torque vectoring transmission optimised for weight and performance. Coming in at just 18kg, the reducer is able to transmit up to 300Nm of torque and up to 20,000rpm per side, which provides a combined powertrain potential output of 500kW in a compact package.

Mounted here with Integral e-Drive (Helix) High Torque SPM Motor, this powertrain offers customers an extremely lightweight yet high-performance package.


  • Extremely lightweight package
  • Precision ground gears
  • Optimised for transmission efficiency
  • Variable overall reduction ratio
  • Full torque vectoring capability for individual wheel speed control


Normal Application: EV, Motorsport
Motor Compatibility: Motor Agnostic
Gear Type: Spur (Straight Cut)
Case Material: Magnesium
Mounting Layout: 360° orientation
Max. Input Torque (per side): 300 Nm / 221 lb.ft
Reduction Architecture: Independent Single Stage
Weight: 18Kg
Lubrication: Splash with optional oil pump and cooling ports


The PEVT is a fully optimised torque vectoring EV transmission, which is supplied with a 9:1 reduction ratio as standard. Additional ratio options are available to suit any application, please enquire below for more information.