Published July 11 2023

GEVT-200 – Off The Shelf EV Transmissions

GEVT-200 - Off The Shelf EV Transmissions

The GEVT-200 is a range of off the shelf EV transmissions designed to be flexible to meet the growing demands of high performance EV applications.

Optimised for packaging, weight and efficiency and drawing on vast EV experience particularly from Formula E and other high performance electric applications, this transmission represents an extremely cost effective complete EV solution.

The flexible motor coupling mounting design allows for a host of high performance electric motors to be mounted to this transmission as standard which includes the Borgwarner HVH 250, AVID AF130, YASA P400 and Integral Powertrain motors to name a few.

The range of transmissions include a dual motor torque vectoring reducer, single motor reducer and a single or dual reducer with integrated differential.

The product offers a range of ratios from 3:1 to 9:1, using precision ground helical gears designed for optimal NVH and efficiency.


  • Highly versatile EV transmission
  • Flexible mountings for variety of high torque electric motors
  • Reduced NVH with helical gears
  • Designed for high performance duty cycles
  • High input torque


Normal Application: EV
Case Material: Aluminium
Mounting Layout: 360° orientation 
Max. Input Torque (per side): 500 Nm / 368 lb.ft 
Reduction Architecture: Single Stage 
Weight: 35Kg 
Lubrication: Splash with optional oil pump and cooling ports


The GEVT can be specified with any ratio between 3:1 and 9:1 to suit all applications. A range of standard ratios is offered for the GEVT, which are shown below. Bespoke ratios can be purchased and manufactured to suit a specific application. Please enquire through the form below for more information.